The word ‘staycation’ took on a whole other meaning this year, as overseas travel was off the cards and most of us were forced to get out and experience the landscapes on our doorstep. For me, this has been a real eye-opener in terms of exploring our great British countryside- and what a treat it has been! From the green, rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, to the sheer white cliffs of Dover, there is so much to be astounded by.

The White Cliffs of Dover
The White Cliffs of Dover - Dimitry Ljasuk

It is encouraging to see so many people finding great joy in holidaying at home and appreciating all the truly underrated beauty this country possesses. If we want to continue as a land rich in biodiverse flora and fauna, experiencing and learning more about the UK’s wildlife and the issues that lead to environmental decline is vital. It is clear that a greater understanding and appreciation of nature leads to a stronger drive to protect it. By igniting wonder and gratitude for our country’s natural landscapes and the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit it, we reinforce the need to protect and conserve these fascinating yet fragile ecosystems.

But, conserving the local environment isn’t the only benefit of the staycation. Reduced travel distance not only reduces your carbon footprint by avoiding air miles, but it also means no airport hassle, delayed flights, or pesky jet lag! If you do travel via air, be sure to check out carbon offsetting. Staying close to home also helps support the UK economy and by visiting independent hotels, cafes, and restaurants you are supporting vital local businesses. Don’t forget, as an added incentive, you can also bring your pets! There really is no downside to choosing to opt for the staycation this year (except, maybe the rain).


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