On 10/10/2020, the team at TED launched Countdown, 'a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action'. The campaign includes short talks from over 50 speakers across 5 organised sessions:

  • Urgency

  • Leadership

  • Transformation

  • Breakthroughs

  • Action

The videos are generally between 5 and 10 minutes long, so easy enough to fit into your lunch break, but packed full of information and ideas to help raise awareness of global climate issues, what we can do to solve them.

Protecting the natural environment is one of Prince William's key priorities for this new decade, watch his message below:

"We start this new decade knowing that it is the most consequential period in history," says Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge. Inspired by President John F. Kennedy's "Moonshot," he calls on us all to rise to our greatest challenge ever: the "Earthshot." A set of ambitious objectives for the planet, the Earthshot goals seek to protect and restore nature, clean the air, revive oceans, build a waste-free world and fix the climate - all in the next decade. To do it, we'll need people in all corners of the globe working together with urgency, creativity and the belief that it is possible to repair the Earth.

Here at BEES we believe that the better informed the public are the better our chances are of protecting our natural environment and biodiversity, in fact it's part of our ethos.

So get informed and get involved! Learn more at https://countdown.ted.com/

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